About our Ingredients

Guinevera 100% Natural

100% natural

Our Ingredients are Safe, high quality and New Zealand grown ingredients are our priority.  All Guinevera ingredients have been reviewed for safety and are chosen on criteria of quality, efficacy and sustainability.  Ingredients must be proven to be beneficial to the skin, meet ethical and environmental requirements.

There are over 40 active ingredients in our Guinevera product preparations.

We take responsibility to trace and understand the origins and provenance of all our ingredients right back to source to ensure they are all derived from environmentally responsible and sustainable sources and make a positive contribution to the communities growing and manufacturing them when sourced outside of New Zealand.

Organic, Fair Trade

At Guinevera we use the word

  • Organic’ to describe ingredients we have organically grown ourselves but are not certified as such.
  • Certified organic’, we have bought these ingredients in and they hold valid certification verified by a recognized third party accreditation body.
  • Organically grown’, we use this term to describe ingredients which are organically grown, using organic principles on our farm, but are without organic certification.
  • Wildcrafted’ to describe herbs we have harvested from the wild, away from any spray programs and pollution.
  • Natural actives’ used to describe vitamins, peptides and so on

All our ingredients are ‘Ethically Sourced’ and are 100% natural, organic, wildcrafted or formed from natural sources.   For more information see our

Non Genetically Modified Ingredients 

All our supply partners must provide a guarantee that the ingredients they supply to Guinevera do not contain genetically engineered or modified organisms to support our strictly Non GMO stance.