• Hydrating Magnesium Lotion 200 ml

Hydrating Magnesium Lotion

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If you’ve been directed here from the ‘B.F. 100% Magnesium Oil’ page, you would’ve already read this product is most definitely for Women. Men can use it too, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you came directly here first, then go and check out the description for our fantastic ‘B.F. 100% Magnesium Oil’ and then come back :-)

Good you’re back lets go,... This is most definitely one of my most favourite lotions ! I just love it !

Not only does it deliver the precious Magnesium into my body, it moisturisers my skin too, so my skin becomes, & I mean this, silky smooth and very healthy. You will only find this out after you’ve tried it, and if you’re unsure, I really hope someone other than me helps you to decide, because you won’t be disappointed.

So How to Apply:-

  • You won’t need more than two full pumps on each leg. The best way to do this is one pump on your thigh and one pump on your calf, then massage until absorbed, that’s it !

If you’re chronically short of Magnesium, after applying the lotion to your legs, also apply one or two pumps on each arm and massage into your skin. You will not need to continue with this heavy dose for long, see your Natural Practitioner for advise when to reduce and simply continue to apply to your legs only.

NOTE: Consuming Magnesium supplements in this manner is a constant way of life, like having breakfast, to help maintain a healthy body

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Hydrating Magnesium Lotion 200 ml

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