100% Magnesium Oil

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Magnesium is an essential mineral for all heart disorders, stress, arthritis,... actually for just about anything at all!

All types of muscular problems (including the heart), then for Stress in general i.e. emotional, physical, mental & spiritual, as a student, working parents, sportsperson, business owner’s, and all those suffering illness’s etc... meaning Stress and all the disorders and diseases which come from having it !!!

Once magnesium’s depleted, how do you put back this essential mineral back into your precious body?

The best way to consume this precious mineral is to apply it transdermally to your largest organ, the skin!

Why? because most people have a faulty digestive tract and you only absorb a small portion of a tablet or capsule, the rest is flushed down the toilet.

So How to Apply:

  • Spray directly onto legs using 2 - 5 full sprays ( The dose will depend on need)
  • 100% Magnesium Oil will temporarily sting your skin, especially if you shave your legs, or have wounds. 
  • It is best suited to Men as it doesn’t appear to affect their skin the same as it does a female.

It is best not applied to sensitive, shaven or broken skin as it will irritate. A good alternative is the ‘Hydrating Magnesium Lotion’ as it does not appear to sting.

NOTE: The stinging sensation subsides relatively quickly.

NOTE: If stinging remains too long, wash off immediately with warm water, or a damp cloth. Keep away from eyes and all sensitive skin areas on the body, wash off immediately if skin is contacted.

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100% Magnesium Oil 200 ml

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