On 9th Feb 2021, Jen diagnosed me having a viral infection in my chest area.

My symptoms were exhaustion, dry cough, breathing difficulty and irratict toilet functions.

My health history has bèen heart failure since April 2019 with permanent atrial fibrillation - borderline rate control, with a heart rate output as low as 16% which is now back up around the low 20s after intensive diet and supplementation changes.

Jen immediately applied her Anti-Virus Chest & Throat Rub around my chest and back - covering the lung areas.

Within 5 mins my breathing eased and I noticed a massive cooling action happening LH side of my back and in 10 - 15 minutes I could feel my lungs freeing up and my energy levels picked up.

After applying the product 3 times a day for 7 days the cough has gone, my toilet function is back to regular (twice a day) and the best part was my breathing was so much better upon going to bed.

I fully recommend Jen's product and her diagnostic ability, fast and effective.

Cheers, Brent Cottle

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Hi, I would like to share my experience with Dentiene.

Before I started using this product I was told by a dentist that I had periodontitis and would probably need all my teeth extracted. This was not an option so began looking for an alternative.

I found out about this product from my daughter in Australia. She sent me an electric toothbrush as a gift. The 1st time I tried it hurt so stopped using it. My daughter then let me know her friend was using your product & was very happy with it. So I decided to try it.

Just before making my 2nd order, I decided to try the electric toothbrush. It no longer hurts so I can use it regularly. The gum pockets are receding and I have just put in my 3rd order.

I am so happy with Dentiene that I will be referring to others.

Thank you, Lee Moran

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It has been 8-9 months now that I have been using Dentiene, and I have finally braved the dentist!!

Let me start by saying that my dentist is pretty upfront and honest, I saw him in 2015, he told me my teeth were bad and I needed around $1200 worth of work. I didn't get the work done being afraid of the cost... I then saw him in 2017 and he told me that he has never seen someones teeth deteriorate so bad over that period of time, the work was now over $2k, I got the work done. Regardless of having the work done, I knew I still needed to get on top of my gum disease that I have had for 20 years to prevent further decaying. 

December 2019, 8-9 months of Dentiene, and my dentist actually had something positive to say!!!! He said my gums look great, oral health completely improved and turned around, I was stunned!!! I told him i had been using a herbal method called Dentiene, and he said, keep doing what you are doing, cause the results are showing! We discussed a fluoride toothpaste in the morning and Dentiene at night, and this is definitely my way forward! I am so grateful to Dentiene for sorting out my oral health!

I thought I would share with you my routine so that others with similar issues can feel like they can get on top of it too, cause you can!!!! And in fact I didn't actually change my routine, I only changed what I was using, but this is what I did... 

First Month - Dentiene+ 3 times a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Month 2 and 3 - Dentiene+ morning and night

Month 4-9 - Flouride toothpaste in the morning and Dentiene Maintenance at night. This will now be my new normal! 

Another thing to note... brushing daily seemed to keep the flu bugs away through the winter time, and I'm not sure how it does it... but my sleeping has also improved actually getting into REM sleep!! This truly is a remarkable product!!

Natalie Potter

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I have just discovered Guinevara and it really is food for the skin, it soaks in beautifully and feels velvety. I love the calming cream at night and fantastic for the annoying hormonal spots. The lip balm is rich and moisturizing and my teeth have never felt so clean and white with the magic Dentiene drops, highly recommend A++ ( and of course all 100% natural)

Freya Horder

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I have now been using Dentiene for just over 3 months, brushing 2 x a day for 2 minutes. I also floss once a day. My teeth feel smooth and clean. I have had compliments about my fresh breath. I have not had a cold all winter although I have had the symptoms. After brushing with the full strength Dentiene the symptoms go away and the cold did not develop.

My gums appear pink and my teeth are whiter. I am very happy to continue to use Dentiene as my regular tooth cleaner.
Thank you Dentiene

Deirdre Evans

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This is an excellent product. Having gum disease previously I started to get sore, bleeding gums and gum pockets. Tried Dentiene, after 2 days I noticed a significant improvement! Highly recommend before spending a fortune at the hygienist!

Louise Hurst

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Hi Jen,

You advised that my body needed magnesium. You gave me some magnesium oil to put on my skin every day. I applied one dropper to my legs in the morning, however, it made my skin sting so I stopped doing it. I mentioned it to a friend and she suggested that I apply a moisturiser after the oil.

This stopped the stinging and after a couple of applications, my legs are lovely and smooth. I am very happy to get my magnesium through my skin. Thank you Jen

Yours sincerely Deirdre

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“I’ve been using Guinevera Face Food Lotion and Serum for 12 months.

I am 50 years old. This is something that not only works and makes my skin feel and look better it also alleviates having to use multiple creams! Its a day, night and eye cream all rolled into one.

Initially, it appears expensive but when I took into account that I only had to buy one cream instead of three it became very affordable for me.

I’m so tired of expensive creams that make claims and don’t deliver. Guinevera Face Food definitely delivers! Over time I’ve added the spritzer to my range which I use as a toner under the lotion, also an aroma therapy lift, an underarm deodorant, an air freshner, a hair perfume and my husband uses it as an aftershave and skin tonic.

When I’m feeling tired or stressed I apply the Manuka Honey Face Mask and put my feet up with a good book for an hour. It’s exfoliating and healing agents leave me and my skin glowing. I really love these products and haven’t hesitated recommending them to all of my friends”.

Jodi Ricci (Gold Coast Australia)

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“When I was first asked to try Guinevera I was rather skeptical.

For many years I have struggled with allergies to cosmetic products, especially face creams, despite sales people saying that I would definitely not be allergic to their product.

Many times I succumbed to their spiel, only to break out in an itchy rash a couple of days later. It was with some hesitance that I agreed to trial Guinevera, imagining myself again covered in uncomfortable spots. I was, however, delighted to find that not only did I not react to it, but it also quickly cleared up some dry flaky patches of dermatitis close to my hairline which had been there for some weeks.

After a month of using the Face Serum and Face Food every morning and night, my skin became smooth and supple.

I didn’t use the products around my eyes as I was not sure how the sensitive skin there would react. Consequently, the wrinkles around my eyes remain! I recently had my skin checked under an ultraviolet light which showed that with the exception of the skin around my eyes, my skin is well hydrated.

I have no hesitation in recommending Guinevera to women with sensitive skins who need a gentle, effective product that leaves your skin feeling years younger”.

Liz Koh (Paraparaumu NZ)
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“I noticed a decrease in size of one of the dry skin marks I have in a few days of using face serum. Overall face feels good. Am enjoying using your products”.

Wendy McKenzie (Palmerston North NZ)
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Tue, 23 Aug 2011 I started out using Guinevera about a year and a half ago, starting on the Face Food Serum and Face Food lotion which are lovely products to use every day, it suited my skin type perfectly. I was able to apply makeup straight away if needed. As the seasons changed and winter arrived I felt that my skin needed a slightly richer lotion, so I tried the Body Food Lotion, along with the Face Food Serum before hand. I found that's just what my skin needed for the cooler season.

Kelly Taihape
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Dear Jen,

I am compelled to write to you to tell you of the extraordinary results after using Guinevera. Rex and I were staying with your sister Deirdre, and she noticed the ugly lumpy blotch on his neck, below his ear.

Well, Rex explained that he had seen the Dr who prescribed removal by scalpel but because it was the holiday season, Rex and the Dr agreed to delay surgery until late Jan!Deirdre however, took one look and immediately produced her bottle of Guinevera Food Lotion and started applying a tiny amount, a few times a day.

After only 2 or 3 days we were sure that the swelling had reduced and it looked less lumpy but we thought it was probably just the light! But we returned home with some lotion in a pouch to keep us going until we could place an order - and of course that is what we did! Rex never did have surgery and the notes from the Dr on the file just say “Self healing!”

I now apply the Guinevera Face Food Serum and Face Food Lotion and I can see noticeable improvement in the overall skin texture and elasticity. I had a row of tiny lumps along the side of my face on the hair line from the top of my ear to my neck.

I thought they must black heads that I just couldn’t see! I asked my beauty therapist what treatment she would recommend. She said I would need to see a skin specialist to remedy sun damage! I had already started using Guinevera on my face and hands, so I continued, just a dab - every morning and night. I love the feel of the creamy Food Lotion it smells herbal and organic and feeling it soak in and doing so much good, just cannot be bettered. Especially, after what feels like a hundred years of buying and applying “expensive chemical potions.”

The result is no path of rough stuff down that line now and a noticeable fading of brown/sun spots on my face and hands. I am diligently applying the lotion to a few more sunny spots! Jen, please keep making your lotions and getting it out there! I have no hesitation in recommending your Guinevera products to all I meet! I sing your praises long and loud! Thanks so much

Rex & Merrilyn
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I have been using this product for approximately 2 1/2 months. Previously I have used lots of different, well known moisturising products throughout my life. The first thing I noticed was my facial skin was a lot more supple, my fine lines decreased remarkably, and it just felt and looked a whole lot better. One Summer day when I was out on the golf course, my face got severely burnt - I mean very red and puffy. I came home and after my shower, I applied some Face Food product, within an hour or so my face had lost all its redness and puffiness, I was quite impressed. I have no hesitation in giving Guinevera Face Food products my whole hearted endorsement/recommendation. Cheers Royd Sampson

Royd Sampson - Waikanae, Kapiti Coast