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Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body so it is essential for you to maintain a good level for optimum health.

Low levels of magnesium are closely associated with heart disorders, stress, mental disorders, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, asthma, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), arthritis, fatigue, muscle weakness, cramping,... actually for just about anything at all, because Magnesium is in fact contained within every cell of your body and needs Magnesium to function!

So what does this tell you ???

That it’s Good for all types of muscular problems (including the HEART), and STRESS of all kinds which includes emotional, physical, mental & spiritual stress, stress as a student, working parents, sportspeople, business owner’s and worker’s, plus all those suffering illness’s. Any kind of stress at all means,... you are most likely in need of Magnesium. Why,,... because stress depletes magnesium!

Once your magnesium levels have been depleted and you are suffering from something, how do you put back this necessary & essential mineral back into your precious body safely, and how do you do it ???

The best way to consume this precious mineral is not to take it orally but to apply it transdermally (externally) to your largest organ, the skin!

Why? because most people have a faulty digestive tract and you will only absorb a portion of your tablet or capsule, the rest is unfortunately flushed down the toilet.

So How do you Apply this product and what are the pro’s and con’s of using this type of magnesium supplementation ???

  • Spray directly onto your legs using 2 - 5 full sprays ( Your dose is dependent upon your deficiency and need ) then just rub in.
  • So what are the pro’s and con’s of using this type of magnesium supplementation ???


1. 100% Magnesium Oil is exactly that, full Strength Magnesium ! 

2. It is easy to apply, just spray it onto your skin, rub it in and let it dry.

3. After applying, all it takes is 20 mins sitting on the surface of your skin for the Magnesium to be fully absorbed into your body. You can then wash off the residue if you choose, which means you can apply the magnesium oil in the morning 20 mins before your shower and still get to wash it off before continuing your day.

4. By using this product you can self-regulate your own personal dosage.

5. It doesn’t seem to sting to the same extent for those who retain the hairs on their legs, hence it is a fantastic product for the Boy’s.


1. Once applied to the skin's surface and dries, it leaves a powdery residue on the surface which can be annoying and uncomfortable to some. It can also rub off on clothing or bedding.

2. It has a tendency to sting the skin temporarily when first applied. This is normal!

3. It has an oily feel (which is why it’s called an oil), however, it is not an oil and will leave a powdery residue on the surface of the skin when dry.

4. Stinging can be strong if applied to an open wound, shaven skin, or a wound that has a scab. It will help the wound heal, but will sting considerably when applied!

It is best not applied to sensitive skins for the above reason. A good alternative for you is the ‘Hydrating Magnesium Lotion’ as it does not appear to sting to the same degree.

NOTE: The stinging sensation subsides relatively quickly and is completely normal to have.

NOTE: If stinging remains too long, wash off immediately with warm water, or a damp cloth.

Keep away from eyes and all sensitive skin areas on the body, wash off immediately if eye’s or sensitive skin has been contacted.

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Deirdre 12/11/2018

Hi Jen,
You advised that my body needed magnesium. You gave me some magnesium oil to put on my skin every day. I applied one dropper to my legs in the morning, however it made my skin sting so I stopped doing it. I mentioned it to a friend and she suggested that I apply a moisturiser after the oil.
This stopped the stinging and after a couple of applications my legs are lovely and smooth. I am very happy to get my magnesium through my skin. Thank you Jen
Yours sincerely

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