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‘Guinevera 100% Natural & Organic’ products, where powerful NZ ingredients take priority, like our incredible Manuka, Kanuka, and other amazing herbals etc.. (Please visit our Ingredient’s page here).

Our Anti-aging Face Food products are Divine, so if you’ve been looking for 100% Natural, Organic, and Luxurious High-Quality end products that will feed your skin the nutrients needed to rejuvenate and renew, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Face Food products help reduce and soften fine lines & wrinkles, plus fight against eczema, sensitivity, keratosis, scaly skin, acne rosacea, cancer, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, flaky, rashes, sunburn, dry, dehydrated & itchy, blotchy, irritated skins.

What more could anyone ask for?

Our Oral Care products are incredible and worth taking a look at, why,... because they work!!!   We have put together the most POWERFUL and PROVEN Antibiotic, Anti-viral, Analgesic, Anti-fungal, Antiseptic, Anti-microbial and Mineral ingredients  to help you Combat and Eliminate problems i.e. :- DENTIENE+ For : Gum Disease, Gum pockets, Receding Gums, Gum ulcers, Plaque, Tooth decay,..... 

Our Body Food products are based on the ability to feed your body much needed nutrients i.e. - MAGNESIUM for : Stress, Heart problems, Muscle cramps,......

Take a look, we offer you a money back guarantee because our products are genuine!

Our 100% Natural Face, Body & Oral Food Products, contain Certified Organic, Wildcrafted & Organic Ingredients. Suitable for Vegans!

These amazing products have all been created by Jennifer Sims, for ‘Tingeys Health & Beauty Ltd.’ They were made for you to enjoy and indulge yourself in. Jennifer qualified in the natural field’s of S.F.Hb.T. ( Advanced Herbal medicine) Adv.B.T. (Advanced Bowen Therapy), Adv.Dip. Psy.T. (Advanced Psychotherapy), which she achieved over a period of 30 yrs, along with studying........ ‘The Chemistry of Man’, Nutrition, traditional Herbal Medicine, powerful Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Iridology and practical Quantum Physics. 

 Your skin and body will Love you for feeding it 100% Natural & Organic products made with integrity and LOVE, I know mine does!   

Our products deliver ‘active ingredients’ deep into your skin to feed, heal, and rejuvenate. Why?... so you retain a youthful, healthy appearance for as long as you possibly can!.

To Retain a Youthful & Healthy Appearance for as long as you can, is one of the main reason’s Jennifer designed these products, Especially for YOU!

Guinevera Face Food products are safe,

Paraben free 
Cruelty free 
No artificial Fragrances
No Animal Testing 
Only tested on humans 
No artificial Flavours 

Great care has been taken to ensure the ingredients are safe, follow fair trade principles and are environmentally responsible.  ENJOY!

Guinevera is Based in Kapiti, New Zealand. WE ship internationally to certain Countries directly to your doorstep. 

Currently we are offering:- Face Food calming lotion, anti-aging serum, night cream, eye cream and a 3 in one masque/exfoliator. Body Food Magnesium + Hydrating Lotion, 100% Magnesium Oil and last but not least DENTIENE !

WE will be consistently adding more products to our range upon demand.

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Anti-Aging Lotion 30 ml

Anti-Aging Lotion 30 ml

Face Food Anti-aging Day Lotion Protects and Regenerates An intense, natural moisturis..

$104.50 Ex Tax: $90.87

Calming Lotion 30 ml

Calming Lotion 30 ml

Face Food Calming Lotion Protects and Soothes A powerful natural anti-inflammatory and..

$99.50 Ex Tax: $86.52

Eye Cream 15 g

Eye Cream 15 g

Face Food Eye Cream An Intense Anti-aging Eye Cream An intense anti-aging natural crea..

$91.50 Ex Tax: $79.57

Serum 30 ml

Serum 30 ml

Face Food Serum An Intense Anti-aging Skin Rejuvenator An intense anti-aging natural s..

$105.50 Ex Tax: $91.74

100% Magnesium Oil 200 ml

100% Magnesium Oil 200 ml

100% Magnesium Oil - FULL Strength Body Food Magnesium is the fourth most abundant minera..

$40.50 Ex Tax: $35.22

Hydrating Magnesium Lotion 200 ml

Hydrating Magnesium Lotion 200 ml

Guinevera Hydrating Magnesium Lotion Body Food For those of you who have sensitive sk..

$54.00 Ex Tax: $46.96

Dentiene Plus 27 ml

Dentiene Plus 27 ml

Dentiene Plus  (Short for ‘Dental-Hygiene) Dentiene Plus for Serious Gum Diseas..

$71.50 Ex Tax: $62.17

Dentiene Plus 5 ml

Dentiene Plus 5 ml

Dentiene Plus Sample Size (Short for ‘Dental-Hygiene) Dentiene Plus for Serious Gum D..

$20.85 Ex Tax: $18.13